Fashion & Editorial

Explore Suvadip’s work as a photographer in New York city. From beauty to fashion, New York street fashion photography to head shots, Suvadip has worked on multiple subjects and compositions for affordable rates which has made him one of the most sought after photographers in NYC.

As a passionate fashion photographer, Suvadip has captured his subjects in exquisite tones and moods while capturing the perfect angles and shots. His fashion and editorial photography tells a story without text, creates themes without words. .

Suvadip is an ardent observer, which enables him to get the right shot in place for his subjects. Suvadip understands image styling well and chooses the right setting and background for his models so as to emphasize on the final output of delivering a quality image. Suvadip uses appropriate lighting in his photography to make his images look dramatic and appealing. Suvadip knows how to use these lighting techniques at their best that beauty photographers in NYC love to use and expose in their work, especially New York street fashion photographers.

Suvadip’s editorial photography skills showcase his work as not just shooting to sell a product or service but something much more. His editorial photography has a theme – it has a story to say. Every photograph is like a carefully crafted story. Along with use of proper lighting which is of utmost importance, the composition of the picture too plays an important role in editorial photography. Suvadip studies each composition with care and delivers the best output after careful planning and execution. Check out his fashion and editorial photographs.