About Suvadip

Suvadip is an experienced and talented fashion and fine arts photographer from India, presently based in New York. His journey as photographer began a decade ago when he started off with photography as a hobby which gradually became his passion and profession. Today, Suvadip is an established New York street fashion photographer and renowned amongst fine art photographers at NYC. Suvadip loves to experiment and try out alternative photograph processes combined with his inclination to try out new techniques in photography. His photographs are at par with international benchmarks in fashion and fine arts photography. Suvadip can travel to your desired location and capture your perfect moments.

If you are looking for affordable fashion photographers at NYC, connect with Suvadip for a memorable experience that is guaranteed to leave you satisfied and happy.


From a very young age, Suvadip had developed an intimate interest towards art, growing up in an artistic environment. He spent most of his spare time painting and sketching and was always attracted to different forms of art. This interest and his inbuilt passion towards art helped him to become an ace photographer at a very young age without any formal training in photography. Apart from photography, Suvadip’s interest also lies in film-making, graphic designing, fashion designing, painting and sculpting.


Suvadip gets his inspiration and ideas form people and objects around. He loves to experiment with his work and create something different and unique every time. He does not believe in following any specific style, yet has the ability to create a specific mood in his pictures making them his signature style with ease.

To Suvadip, photography is about real life, real things – he believes in transforming these moments into memories to last a lifetime. From New York street fashion photography to fine art photography, Suvadip has established himself as an experienced and professional photographer at NYC. The best part being, you can avoid spending a fortune with expensive renowned fashion photographers at NYC and get the same output with him at an affordable rate. From pre-wedding and wedding shoots to creating your portfolio if you are aiming to make it big in modelling or fashion, approach Suvadip to get the best in photography.